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Bully United Kennel Club Registry INC.

The Greatest World Wide DNA registry. Get Legit today!

Bully Shop

Bully Shop

Dog DNA pedigree registration


Thank you for your interest with. B.U.K dogs, pir registration process includes,

Dna Breed testing


The key breeds detected will be unveiled for your dog’s genetic background in 3 levels:







Great Grandparents


If other breeds are detected beyond the 3 generations, they will be listed as well in your dog's mixed breed ancestry.



The test can be performed for mixed breeds, designer breeds or purebreds. The procedure is the same for all three. Knowing your dog’s ancestry can help you create a customized wellness plan to fit your dog’s unique needs.


Your test kits includes:

 Cheek swabs

 Complete instructions






DNA Banking


Coat Color


DNA Extraction


Additional DNA Profiling Reports


DNA Results are normally completed within 2-3 weeks


The use of several dna facilities from world wide companies that gurantee breeds, health , color coat testing as well as specific genetic traits, great for your breeder or dog enthusistour  DNA Test can detect over 200 of the most popular dog breedsand each yr counting, 

thank you once again for your interest with BUKDOGS.

B.U.K. Staff

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