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Bully United Kennel Club Registry INC.

The Greatest World Wide DNA registry. Get Legit today!

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Registration services

now accepting the North American Bully

 Register your New puppies today! 

we are proud sponsors of

 our DNA Center which is affiliated with

 The Bully United Kennel club was formed in order

to maintain the genealogical authenticity of the

American Bully as well as all breeds.

We here at B.U.K (Bully United Kennel club)

believe in the new generation of all breeds.

We insure the integrity and the true history of

the lineage in all pedigrees. By mandating that

all breed's are DNA profiled, we insure the

integrity of our registry, as well as the integrity

of your bloodline.

Our registering process has been set up to

ensure the least possibility of false registration?s (paper hanging).

Mandatory DNA Profiling where others registries

make it optional to DNA profile,

we make it a mandatory requirement for registration with B.U.K.

DNA testing will be verified by certified B.U.K veterinarians.

Only after DNA verification's can a dog/pup/litter, be considered for registration. 

After registration has been granted,

you will receive a Platinum or Gold stamped

3 generation pedigree with upgrade options,

as in 5 generation picture pedigree and or

10 generation pedigree scroll.

now remember any fraudulent acts related to the registration before or after, will be deemed as an attempt to commit fraud and will be considered a breach of contract. All dogs will be excluded from registering with B.U.K.

We feel that making it as hard as possible

to register your beloved Breed with our registry

we can make huge impact on the integrity of all Dog breeds.

By doing so, we ensure the legitimacy for generation's to come.